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2GO Arch Support Low

Stability for low arches. Arch Support Low is a premium performance insole from 2GO that provides necessary stability and comfort for low arches. Prevents unpleasant burning and the feeling of tired feet. Keeps your feet firmly in place. The dynamic footbed provides support and long-lasting comfort. The heel and forefoot cushions provides excellent shock absorption, evens out pressure and improves performance.

  1. Low-friction fabric upper
  2. Forefoot cushion
  3. Metatarsal pad
  4. Breathable foam layer base
  5. Anatomic low arch stability shell
  6. Heel cushion
  7. Sculpted heel cup

Fits most types of shoes. Especially developed for sneakers, trainers and boots.


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Concept: Performance, Type: Insole.


Support, Pain relief, Stability, Comfort, and Cushioning

  • A. Low friction fabric upper. B. Forefoot cushioning and shock absorption. C. Metatarsal pad. D. Breathable and lightweight foam layer base. E. Anatomic low, medium or high arch shell. F. Heel cushioning and shock absorption. G. Sculpted heel cup for comfort, pain relief and positioning.

  • Custom support

    Boost your performance with individual arch support. Low arches require stability, normal arches need comfort and high arches require proper support. No more tired feet.

  • Sculpted fit

    The moulded base is breathable and improves posture. The heel cup and fit is key for preventing pronation and supination. It reduces the risk of lower body pain and enhances durability.

  • Shock absorption

    Proper cushioning relieves muscles and ligaments, evens out pressure and improves performance. It will make you feel more persistent and high-performing.

  • Low arch

    A foot with low arch has higher flexibility and lower stability. Motion control and increased stability is important to reduce the risk of fatigue for low arch types.

    2GO Arch Support Low 
  • Medium arch

    Medium arch feet has moderate flexibility and a more natural movement. Supporting rear stability and front flexibility will increase performance and durability of normal arch types.

    2GO Arch Support Medium 
  • High arch

    The high arch has low flexibility and increase the pressure load on the foot. Relieving support, shock absorption and equalizing the pressure load is important for high arch types.

    2GO Arch Support High 

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How do I figure out my arch type?

Well-stocked retailers offer our pressure measurement system where you can identify your arch type in seconds. Otherwise, you can identify your arch type by pouring a thin layer of water into a shallow pan. Dip your foot in the pan and then carefully step onto a blank piece of paper. Step off and compare your footprint to the ones above.