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Introducing 2GO Leather Stretch

Are your leather shoes a tad too tight?

Say goodbye to the discomfort of tight leather shoes and embrace the perfect fit with 2GO Leather Stretch. We are excited to unveil our latest product, featuring a new foaming formula designed to effectively stretch leather.

We understand the significance of comfortable footwear, which is why we've developed this innovative foaming spray. Whether you have a new pair of shoes that need a little extra room or your favorite leather boots have become snug over time, 2GO Leather Stretch is your solution.

Our powerful foaming spray expands the leather fibers, enabling your shoes to stretch naturally without compromising their finish. Applying 2GO Leather Stretch is a breeze—simply spray the foam onto the areas inside the shoe that require stretching. The foam quickly penetrates the leather, working its magic from within.

For optimal results, pair 2GO Leather Stretch with our premium shoe trees. After applying the foam, insert the shoe trees into your shoes to help expand or maintain the expanded shape. This dynamic duo ensures a perfect fit that lasts.

Not only does 2GO Leather Stretch offer exceptional stretching capabilities, but it also nourishes and conditions the leather, keeping it supple and enhancing its longevity.

Don't let tight shoes hold you back or cause unnecessary discomfort!

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