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CleanSea Original Bracelet

Sustainable choice

2GO is a proud partner of CleanSea. By purchasing this bracelet, you will fund the removal of 1 kilo of trash from the ocean. Join the mission towards a clean ocean by pulling the next kilo today!

Plastic pollution is one of our ocean's and marine lifes' greatest threats. That's why CleanSea is on a mission to remove this plastic from the ocean, and you can help them do it.


  • Removes 1 kilos of trash from oceans and coastlines.
  • Lovingly handcrafted in Turkey, supporting local community work opportunities.
  • Creates a healthy marine environment for both us and marine life to enjoy.
  • Represents your commitment towards a clean ocean.

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Help fund CleanSea

Your purchase makes a difference! Every bracelet and shoe care product from the sustainable range you buy help fund the removal of trash from the ocean. Read more here

Size guide

To get a CleanSea bracelet that fits you just right, not too tight and not too loose, we recommend you choose a size that is 1.5 - 3 cm longer than your wrist measurement.

For example, if your wrist measurement is 17 cm, you should choose the 19 cm bracelet.


The eco-friendly choice for a cleaner ocean and a better world! The bracelet is plastic-free, biodegradable, and crafted from sustainably sourced materials. The cord is developed using GOTS-certified organic cotton. Each bracelet is lovingly handcrafted in Turkey, supporting local communities in need of work opportunities.

To symbolize a clean and healthy ocean forever, the centerpiece of the bracelets is an infinity knot. Every bracelet is marked with the "1 KILO" branding, showing the impact you've made. On the other side it's marked "CLEANSEA", to show that you're part of the mission towards a clean ocean.