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Your purchase makes a difference!

Every shoe care product from the sustainable range you buy, directly from us or from any of our dealers, help fund the removal of trash from the ocean. Take care of your shoes and the ocean at the same time! Please, join our mission and help pull the next kilo of ocean plastic today.

With the campaign starting on June 1, 2023, we will help finance CleanSea through each sustainable product sold. Additionally, our sustainable range products show a little extra concern for nature and mother earth because they are 100% biodegradable and come in bottles made from recycled plastic, without compromising performance.

About the collaboration

We are proud of the collaboration with CleanSea and we think their initiative is important. Their goal is to make an impact for marine animals and create a future of oceans full of life, not plastic. They clean the Swedish coastline, ocean floor, surface and even islands – removing every single piece of plastic, fishing gear and trash they possibly can. And we support their cause! By purchasing a product from our sustainable range, you contribute to their cleanups and our common goal to fund and remove 500 kg of plastic and trash from the ocean.

About CleanSea

CleanSea's story is both terrifying and inspiring. When twins Lukas and Mikaela Julher discovered how much plastic was washed up along the coastline of the Swedish west coast, and the impact it has on marine wildlife, they decided to do something about it. They founded the company CleanSea, which finances the cleanups of plastic in the sea.

Today, the company has organized more than 300 cleanups and collected over 34,000 kilos of plastic, all to make a difference for marine wildlife and create a sustainable and litter-free future for oceans and nature.

Did you know?

  • Every hour 5 bath tubs of plastic washes up just in Bohuslän, in Sweden.
  • 94% of seabirds in the North Sea have plastics in their stomach.
  • Millions of marine animals die every year because of ocean plastic.
  • By 2050, we're expected to have more plastic than fish in the ocean.

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