Guide: How to preserve suede and nubuck footwear

Guide: How to preserve suede and nubuck footwear

Scandinavians appreciate the beauty of suede and nubuck footwear. Whether it's a pair of elegant suede loafers or rugged nubuck boots, these materials not only add sophistication to your style but also embody the spirit of the Nordics.

But with the challenging weather conditions, it's crucial to know how to protect and preserve these valuable possessions. Generally the classic shoe care routine apply – clean, care, protect and refresh. 2GO help you do it right, and here's why taking good care of your suede and nubuck footwear matters:


Quality suede and nubuck footwear can be a significant investment. Proper care significantly extends their lifespan. Our liquids, 2GO Suede Care and 2GO Suede Renovator, hydrates and nourishes the material, preventing it from drying out and cracking. This means your favorite pair will accompany you through many seasons to come.


Suede and nubuck can be finicky when it comes to stains and scuffs. 2GO Velour Nubuck, our black color renovator spray, is designed to mask and rejuvenate your shoes, making them look brand new. It's a versatile solution to maintain your footwear's pristine appearance.

Weather resistance

Scandinavian weather can be unpredictable. Rain and snow is common, and these elements can wreak havoc on your suede and nubuck shoes. 2GO 24Seven Protector and 2GO Waterbased Protector are your best allies in repelling moisture, ensuring your shoes remain looking impeccable, no matter the weather. If a clean up is necessary, 2GO Shoe Cleaner or 2GO Foam Cleaner will do the trick.

Taking care of your suede and nubuck footwear isn't just about preserving their beauty – it's about protecting your investment and enjoying the versatile style they bring to your wardrobe. With 2GO's range of suede and nubuck care products, you can confidently step into the Nordic elements while staying fashion-forward.

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